Saturday, June 15, 2013


Yosemite was another really fantastic national park. It was filled with an abundance of great views. We've conquered a lot of mountains now, but this one was definitely our biggest feat yet! Wow! We are on top of the world. 
The rock we are on was a whole ten feet up... that's why we look so out of breath. 

Our animal identification skills have skyrocketed. 

 Rebekah was dying to see a bear... and we did! Look at this picture carefully: Top Middle.

Rebekah has mad skills when it comes to photographing animals in the wild. 

Just hanging out in the parking lot near the public bathrooms. No big deal.  Fran said it was, without a doubt, rabid... stay away.  

 Like I said, Rebekah definitely missed her calling in life. Need professional photos done of you own backyard squirrels? Call R. McFall during normal business hours. 

We just couldn't leave this cute little fellow out!

All in all, a great day in Yosemite National Park! 

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