Saturday, June 8, 2013


We have made it to our sixth state... And it's a big one! This is our first real official stop:


Since I grew up visiting Texas I tried to think of the absolute best thing to show my fellow travelers. Why, my family of course! Their house is a destination in itself.

Since they live in Texas, they have a horse. I'm pretty sure everybody here does.

Everybody donned a fancy pair of boots and set out to explore the land. 

Our exploration ended back up right where it started and all the stops were pulled out for an afternoon of relaxation, water, drinks, good company, and...

Cat racing!

All Enas family animals are required to go through mandatory swim training. It is a necessary safety precaution. Boagie receives a solid A for effort and determination.

Goodbye, Texas! Sorry for trespassing on your land. Thank you for letting us out alive, when the bones beneath this sign showed that you were not so kind to all that came here.

Thanks, family... For a great day!

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  1. You drove through Houston!! Hope you're not tired of driving yet...