Friday, June 14, 2013

Sequoia National Forest... some big old trees

After the semi-let-down in Los Angeles, our spirits perked right up when we finally made it to the coast!  We jumped on the Pacific Coastal Highway (also known by us Californians as the PCH, and started driving).

We had to take a little pit-stop at the Pacific Ocean!  Taking photos of our hot ride has been one of our favorite pastimes thus far.  We overhead Dad getting onto Mom on the phone saying, "Fran...we don't need waves crashing on the car.. you need to be careful."
Dear Dad, 
You forgot.  Careful is my middle name.
Love, Rebekah

Orange and lemon groves are everywhere!  Free snacks!

The scenery on the way to Sequoia was stunning.

We stopped for our last meal of pizza before camping and loved the view!

Big trees here we come!

We had such a BIG time looking at the Sequoias.  They are 3,000 years old, 40 feet in diameter, have branches up to 5 feet wide, and bark up to 3 feet thick.  This is truly a tree-hugger's paradise.

Unlike the Grand Canyon, the Sequoia Forest experience was interactive and we took full advantage of it!  We abandoned our vehicle multiple times and went on self-guided tours.

We even drove through trees!

...and explored the massive and complex root systems of fallen giants.  Yes Rosewood, you now have 3 certified arborists on your hands.  (those who study the trees)

A national park wouldn't be complete without various hikes.  We took the 479 steps straight up to Moro Rock.  Some of the less-hardy travelers were almost left behind. 

The view was well worth it though, and we saw the windy roads we had been traveling on.

Representing the South on Moro Rock.

Ending the day at General Sherman, the world's biggest tree, culminated our favorite sights thus far on the road trip.  This forest is something you do not want to miss! onto camping, a whole new adventure in itself!

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