Sunday, June 16, 2013

Napa Valley

After two days of camping and three days with no showers, it was time to change our pace a bit. A day in Napa Valley's wine country? Yes, please. We booked with Platypus Tours and visited four different local wineries.

Two of the wineries definitely had a family atmosphere. Pepper the dog followed us all over the winery on the tour given by the owner himself!

These places take recycling to a whole new level! I haven't seen anything like it since my days on the Presbyterian College recycling crew. (Thank goodness I don't have to empty that!)

It was easy to get in touch with the grapes that produced the wine we were sampling. 

The winery owners were all friendly and personable!

The rumor that Napa Valley is beautiful turns out to be true!

We should have gotten a discount on our wine, considering all the hard work we volunteered driving this Porsche tractor around. 

Each of the four places had a different atmosphere. By the end, Rebekah and I decided maybe we didn't like wine after all. Next time I'm going to skip the wine and just go on a cheese tour. 


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