Saturday, June 15, 2013

Camping at Yosemite

Yesterday, before seeing the sights at Yosemite, we set up camp and enjoyed some much needed downtime.  Our campsite sat on a river and we took a refreshing dip.  The water was freezing but Mom jumped right in.  Not to be outdone, Jen and I followed suit. 

If you notice, the river had a little current and all we needed was a good raft, so..... we had to approach Queen with the request.  She had already blown up her alternate air mattress (just a single) with the car pump and was snoozing soundly in the tent.  Quite willingly (NOT), she let us use her bed for some good, old fashioned "mattressing" fun.  


After enjoying the creek and setting the mattress out to dry, we relaxed in our hammocks and mom had to deal with the ground for a few minutes.  We even found a way to hang up our wet clothes!  (no need for the extension cord) 

After hiking and wildlife sighting (see previous post), we returned to camp for a fire and bed (and yes, the mattress had completely dried by then :)
Jen was trying to spice things up I believe.

We have a major pyromaniac on our hands.  Our ginormous fire is about to burn down not only the whole campground, but Yosemite park as well, but no big deal.. she has it all under control.

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