Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Grand Canyon

After the farm, we drove 4 more hours to the Grand Canyon.  We hiked the rim of the canyon for a few hours then caught a bus back to our car.

We discovered the panoramic setting on the camera.  Isn't it grand?

We also ran into some friends from Columbia who were moving from California to Alabama.  Small world!

Jen and I practiced our spidey-sense, Watch out Peter Parker.

So at the Canyon there's not much to do besides take photos, which all look pretty similar, and make jokes about how grand everything is.  After exhausting those options (and face timing some loved ones), we started looking for the bus to take us back.  Jen and I ran towards a bus on the road, flailing arms wildly until it stopped for us. By the time mom finally made it (51-year olds don't run you know), she received a round of applause by the rest of the bus.

Blob Trivia: do you know what animal this is?  Scroll down to find the answer.

You offended Bambi if you answered deer.

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