Friday, June 14, 2013

Camping: Sequoia National Park

After circling the campsite 5 too many times, we settled on the best site and began setting up.

We couldn't relax too long though, mom had other plans.

Since this campground had no showers or electricity, Queen made Jen and I carry her blowup mattress (queen sized no doubt) uphill, sneak into the handicapped bathroom, and pump it up at the only electrical outlet. You know, 51 year olds absolutely do not sleep on the ground.  We got such strange looks from other campsites.

Campgrounds around these parts have bear boxes. Jen used it for warmth.

We also executed several practice bear evacuation drills. We figured the box is the safest spot.

Now that's a good looking campsite.

Sitting around the fire we did many interesting activities including comparing feet.

...and realized the need to polish them.  Which foot looks the best?

It grew chilly fast and we bundled up!

Jen slept in every layer we could scrounge up.

Mom and I somehow ended up sleeping on a massive incline and woke up every hour to push ourselves back up the hill.

After an iffy night's sleep, we woke up freezing and hopped in the car to warm up.  We ended up on a quick hike to a lovely waterfall.

By 7:00 we were packed, 1 early morning hike completed, and on the road to Yosemite.

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