Thursday, June 13, 2013

Los Angeles, California

On the way from Vegas to Los Angeles, about a 4 hour drive, we passed the best road sign thus far on the trip!  I'm sure even the best English teachers around couldn't correctly pronounce sure couldn't.

We love stopping at Welcome Centers when entering new states.  California's turned out to be in an outlet shopping mall.  Talk about a tourist trap! I was almost swayed by the Ann Taylor Loft outlet, but Mom and Jen kept us moving.

Los Angeles has the tallest and skinniest palm trees we have ever seen!

Mom ponders aloud as she navigates the city, "These trees are just like the models here."

We stopped on Robertson Blvd. for some lunch at the Newsroom Cafe.  Apparently Rodeo Drive is not the best spot for star-sighting anymore.  This street has several famous boutiques and little healthy eateries that attract celebrities.  Lindsay Lohan hit a van pulling out of this Newsroom Restaurant and Jennifer Love Hewitt had car trouble and pushed her car up this street.  The Olsen twins also had to call the cops after being harassed outside the mall here.

We liked the food! Can you tell who that is that the table behind us? 

This is the best picture of the sign we could manage.

And finally, we rode along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

Overall view of Los Angeles: We spend 3 hours fighting traffic and making our way around the main city, about a 10 mile radius.  Hollywood is just not all that glamorous and might be a tad over-rated.  Those are just the opinions of some girls from South Carolina though.  We are heading to the Sequoia National Forrest now and are anticipating to be awed and amazed!


  1. Who was sitting at the table behind you??

  2. hah.. your guess is as good as ours :) We know he's famous though.