Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This Land Was Made For You and Me

Yesterday was another driving day.  We continued up the Pacific Coastal Highway towards Oregon for at total of 15 hours in the car!  At one point all 3 of us were car sick because the roads were so windy.  Other than that, we were loving the beautiful coastal views!

The sand was black and grainy... very different than ours back home.

We also drove through the Redwood Forest!  Redwood trees are taller than Sequoia trees and not quite as big around.

 The forrest was green and cool.  We think our next days in Oregon, Washington, and Victoria, Canada might be a little chilly.

Jen hit a major milestone when we entered Oregon.  It was her 50th state!  That's a pretty big deal!

Around 10:00pm, exhausted and ready for bed, we checked into a motel in Florence, Oregon.  Don't read this next bit if you are squeamish...
It had BED BUGS!  We checked out immediately and got a refund.

Finally, at 12:00am, we found a Howard Johnson in Salem, Oregon and stopped for the night.  At least we powered up the coast and are only 3.5 hours from Seattle, Washington (our next stop).
Enjoying breakfast in bed (a bug free bed I might add) and watching the Today's Show... what a vacation :)

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