Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Las Vegas

Even though we all agreed we'd had enough after one evening, we figured if we were driving through Las Vegas, we ought to see what all the hype was about. 
$11 margaritas? Yeah, probably not worth all that. 

We almost lost Fran at the craps table. The addiction of gambling is winning us over!!!! AHHH!!!
Luckily, we quit responsibly.

After gambling away $2, Rebekah's pessimism and practicality won her over. 

Too hot to wear the cardigan. Too sunny to walk around exposed. Some Las Vegas tourists have a nifty solution! 

We thought our money was much better invested in the show "KA". I had to slap myself when I fell asleep... what an expensive nap! The stage in this particular Cirque du Soleil show turned vertical. Mind. blown. 

Each of the Las Vegas hotels and casinos was unique and interesting to walk in.

Of course, we decided to go cheap and stay at the CIRCUS CIRCUS hotel! ha ha. Our lodging was certainly a solid decision. However, walking all the way down the strip from it... maybe not our best move. We've all got blisters to show from it this morning.

Las Vegas: Glad we came. Been there. Done that. Ain't no way I'm going back. 

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