Monday, June 10, 2013

Sleeping Frog Farm

We were feeling rather spunky at 7:30 Sunday night, so we figured, why not keep driving to the farm where my good friend Ellison lives? That was such an awesome idea until it was suddenly 8:30, dark, and Ellison wasn't home when we arrived! Pitching our tent in the pitch black on a farm filled with strangers? Well, at least this is still an adventure! Hmm. Maybe we should warn people before we show up next time. 
Luckily, the folks at Sleeping Frog Farms are filled with hospitality. They invited us into their farm house to sleep and pretty soon Ellison was back... the perfect host, despite our strange and crazy hours! We're so glad we got to see where he works!

We loved this place even more in the light! Farmer Ellison showed us the whole farm, including the onion crop!

In case you didn't notice, we have seen and been entertained by more cats & dogs than anything else on this trip. 

Smart dog. Eat the cat. 

It is important on a farm to never turn your back for a second. Farm animals are highly intelligent and may use their knowledge of tractors to drive off in your vehicle. 

The Sleeping Frog Farm cats are training for the same Olympics as the Enas family cats, who specialized in the swimming competition. These farm felines practice high-speed ladder climbing, a highly competitive sport. (Watch out, Texas cat cousins!) 

We saw growing veggies....

and growing baby goats...

...a wide variety of farm life!

Before we left, we even got a tour of Ellison's very own specially made one-person home! What a smart way to live! 

Thanks, Ellison! Friends across the USA make this trip so much more fun!

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